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As thoughts turn to the New Year, important dates and events coming up in 2020 come to mind. Most of us would have been in the situation, searching through our phone calendars or googling for upcoming bank holiday weekends or even what day Christmas falls on this year. But what if you could be the person they think of when searching. Printed calendars are a great gift to give to clients to remind them of your brand and show your professionalism through design. Printed calendars can come as wall calendars or desk calendars and in different sizes to suit yours and their needs. 
But when did calendars first begin? 
As far back as the Neolithic period archaeologists have reconstructed methods of time keeping with Stonehenge made to mark the longest and shortest day of the year. In 45 BCE Julius Caesar created the Julian Calendar, also called the Old Style calendar, which had the start of the year as 1 January and was 365 ¼ days long. The problem with the Julian Calendar was that a leap day was added every three years rather than four, which added too many leap days. 
Which day of the week should a calendar begin on? 
The most common explanation of the seven-day week has its origins in Babylon and astrologers who named days after planet gods. The seven-day week is the international standard (ISO 8601) week used by the majority of the world and starts on a Monday. For religious reasons some calendars still start on a Sunday, dating back to Egyptian times and Sunday as the ‘day of the Sun’ celebrating Ra. 
What important dates do I need for 2020? 
These are the bank holidays in England and Wales: 
- 1 January 
- 10 April 
- 13 April 
- 8 May 
- 25 May 
- 31 August 
- 25 December 
- 28 December 
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