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A poster that is well-designed catches the attention of it’s target audience and informs them of an action. Visually pleasing and easy readability go hand in hand to create a poster that conveys a message and appeals to the emotions of the target audience. Don’t be caught out by common mistakes when it comes to designing posters. Read my top tips below. 
Make the headline count 
Don’t use the headline for your company name, use it to get people’s attention. Of course, your company name is an important part of your marketing, but it isn’t your aim in your marketing. Whether your message is “Stay 1m apart” or “Save 50% on your order” you need to use the piece of real estate to give the instruction or information you want to share. Most headlines perform better when 16-18 words long
Quick tip: don’t complicate the headline, have a clear message. 
Your call to action is a must-have 
Your call to action could be anything from as vast as an instruction to wash hands after leaving the toilet to follow us on Instagram for the latest deals. A poster without a call to action is a wasted opportunity and even wasted money. Make your call to action an imperative voice rather than a passive voice e.g. follow us on Instagram instead of take a look at our Instagram. Remember to keep it simple e.g. follow us instead of click follow on Instagram to follow us. 
Quick tip: Make your call to action stand out e.g. put it in a box. 
Consider your colours carefully 
When you’re designing your poster you may have good intentions to stick your brand guidelines but when you’ve finished your design you have used multiple colours as you got immersed in the design process. Multiple colours don’t work as well on posters as sticking to a colour concept of 2 brand colours. Choose a dominant brand colour and then combine this with a second brand colour.  
A common mistake I see is not using colour contrast so that the colours are too dark or low contrast. Check your colour contrast and see if the colours are high contrast, just don’t go overboard. 
Choose fonts that are harmonious 
If you have two fonts or more in your brand guidelines you’re already off to a head start. These two fonts should be contrasting fonts. For example, we have a handwritten font and a sans-serif font in The City Press Logo. You’re probably wondering why this matters. First, it gives the customer more information about your brand and secondly, it helps with readability
Quick tip: Try to use a mix of lower and upper case rather than only upper case. 
Use pictures that convey your message 
Promoting 50% off food orders? Include a picture of a meal, don’t be afraid to try simple clip art if it is stylish and not cheap looking. Want to instruct customers to stand 1m apart? Try a hand to signal stop or text 1m with arrows pointing both ways. Reminding customers of good hand washing technique? Use an image of a tap. If you’re using clip art try to use ones that convey your message without over-complicating it. If a customer takes longer than 3 seconds to understand what’s in the image then it is a good sign it’s too complex, the same goes for photos generally. 
We pride ourselves on being able to offer excellent service from the smallest up to the largest UK business or organisation. We believe that we provide amongst the best prices in the UK that offer design, print and free UK delivery, coupled with a rapid turnaround - all for one price. To find out more about what we can do for you give us a call on 0113 278 4286 to speak to one of our team or head to testimonials to see how we have helped other customers. 
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