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The effects of a global pandemic can be overwhelming on our professional and personal lives. But as humans we are adaptable. During the months of lockdown and self-isolation we have been, in fact, possibly writing a new future. But how do we keep up with the times and adjust to our “new normal” whilst still networking and making sales? We can help with some of the steps that you can take to re-think your marketing plans in light of coronavirus, and make decisions on how to move forward in these unprecedented times. 
Marketing that works at networks 
During a pandemic you can still advertise and provide information on your product safely while maintaining a social distance and following government guidelines. Consumers and networkers will still be able to read from a safe distance what you’re trying to sell as the banners can come in various sizes and you can choose your own design. They’re easy to assemble, lightweight to transport and really give your business that professional look. Banners are long-lasting because they are made from tear resistant PVC. This also makes it easier to maintain cleanliness with a simple wipe with warm, soapy water. 
Avoid contact transmission with single use marketing 
In a world that's affected by digital marketing and lockdown at home, flyers can help us reconnect as humans. With flyers you’re still able to communicate with potential customers and other businesses, while still maintaining social distancing. 
They're not only easy to design but they're also great for short term promotions and events, and you can monitor your marketing efforts by including a promo code for your website. Flyers are single use and made using sustainable crops. The added benefit of them being single use is that customers can pick them up from your table or stand and take them home reducing the worry of contact transmission of coronavirus. 
Help customers with accessibility needs 
Keeping customer contact to a minimum is crucial to the hospitality industry staying open in this new coronavirus world we face. There have been lots of great technological advances such as ordering via a QR code so the waiting staff don't have to come to the table. However, in terms of keeping your restaurant accessible to customers with low vision you could still have table toppers with a laminated finish so they can be wiped down between uses. Table toppers are also great for those with low mobility in their hands. They're also ideal for those times there are technical issues where customers don't have Adobe installed or their phone isn't smartphone enabled. 
The current coronavirus pandemic is not the time to fall back on your old marketing ways. It’s time to be creative. When it comes to marketing during coronavirus, the more creative you are, the better. Having a different way to market your products or services makes you stand out from your competition, draw in customers and keep your business growing. These are just some of the ways you can make sure you're on top of your game whilst still adjusting to the new norm. 
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