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How are you preparing for your return to business and return to interacting with customers and clients? As more businesses open up, we are going to need clear communication on how to socially distance and keep safe in work environments. For staff and for customers. We all want to keep other safe. 
We’ve been open during the coronavirus lockdown, so we have plenty of first-hand experience of managing a busy work environment. Organising the logistics of staff working in this environment and keeping them safe has been our number one priority. 
Communication is key to making sure everyone understands what you expect of them when they enter your store or workplace. We’ve seen this with the washing your hands for 20 seconds message that we heard at the very beginning of this outbreak in the UK. We were told to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ and we would know when to stop washing our hands when it had finished. Nothing could be clearer than that and it gets people washing their hands for a long enough time. 
Communicating with your customers is more complex than explaining to your staff how to keep safe in the work environment. Especially if you have the same staff on a regular basis. Customers may only pop in once every so often or they may come at busy times. Signs, posters, roll up banners are all going to be valuable in explaining how to socially distance and what to do to keep safe in your store or workplace. Place posters in windows, on doors and on walls outside. Using clear lettering e.g. a simple sans serif font with a clear and concise message will help those coming in to have a good understanding. For example, we are only allowing 5 customers at a time to enter. Or, please use the hand disinfectant on entering the store/workplace. Or, please take a free mask and put it on before entering. 
If you have a bar or restaurant you could use table toppers to explain how the new ordering process works. The government have asked that we use technologies to maintain a social distance for the waiting staff and for ourselves. Use table toppers to break down the steps and explain this. For example: 
1. Take a seat and choose something from the menu 
2. Use the smartphone app “Restaurant Name” to place your order and pay for your meal 
3. Await your food, it will be with you shortly 
4. Pay for your meal using an app 
Posters can show the cleaning schedule for the toilet. You can use them as reminders of good hand washing techniques, and to not touch our faces. Posters can placed at or near the bar to remind people to not congregate at the bar after placing their order. 
Technology such as online booking is important and it does have a part to play. But, in your store or workplace it can be limiting because you may not have TV screens to display the latest safety information. Setting these up can be expensive but print material is less costly when it comes to putting up signs and posters. We always want to be inclusive to those with visual or auditory impairments. Posters and verbal reminders from staff (from 2 metres) can reduce some of these obstacles. 
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