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With less than 100 days to go until Christmas it will come around quicker than we expect. It’s a very busy time of the year for many businesses with lots of products and services being sold. So, it’s a good time to start thinking about your promotional efforts to let customers know what you have and how it will benefit them, whether that be a drinks offer, a discount on a pet grooming service or a workwear clothing offer. 
How do you go about letting customers know what you have, how long it’s available, where they can get it from and how much it costs? You might be using social media to advertise your promotions along with networking and word-of-mouth. Perhaps you have promotional print in your place of business. Don’t forget you can share your promotional print in areas where customers will see them from waiting rooms in car repair workshops to dining tables in restaurants. 
This brings me on nicely to my next point which is about sustainability. Christmas time also comes with a lot of waste from Christmas cards to wrapping paper and so much more! Of course, you want to do your bit for the environment but at the same time you still want to promote your business and its products or services. So, the key is to find that balance between getting promotional print and avoiding waste. 
The first way you can do this is by forecasting your promotional print needs. For example, think about similar offers you have run and how much print material you needed. Then think about how much promotional print you needed for Christmas season last year. Did you have too much? Was it just right? Or, did you under order? Are you going to be attending any extra events this year? Are you collaborating with another business or influencer? By taking a few minutes to consider all these points it will help you to forecast your needs. 
The second way to avoid waste is to consider promotional print that can be reused next Christmas. For example, you could include Christmas graphics and text but at the same time you could exclude the year ‘2019’ so that the promotional print is still useful Christmas 2020. You don’t need to avoid putting prices on, but you can consider the language carefully e.g. “Two drinks for the price of one” or “Free trim when you book in for a Bath & Dry” for a pet grooming service. 
We can help with your design needs by creating posters, flyers, leaflets, strut cards, table talkers, stickers and more. We have a professional designer working in-house who is happy to discuss your needs and ensure that your promotional print gets your message across. By choosing to use our designer you can be sure that we take out the hassle of coming up with creative designs, freeing up your time and making your business look professional. 
At The City Press Leeds Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to offer excellent service from the smallest up to the largest UK business or organisation. We believe that we provide amongst the best prices in the UK that offer design, print and free UK delivery, coupled with a rapid turnaround - all for one price. To find out more about what we can do for you give us a call on 0113 278 4286 to speak to one of our team or head to testimonials to see how we have helped other customers. 
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