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What Are the Benefits of Business Cards? 

Click on this text to Business cards are pocket-friendly pieces of powerful advertisement and have been around years, they create so much marketing power for small businesses everywhere. Business cards have grown and are now an essential must in business today. 
Having a business card can show that you’re a reliable and honest company as your name and number are attached to the card itself. On the other hand, not having a business card can give the impression that you don’t take your business seriously and first impressions count for everything. They are also incredibly versatile, they can look however you want them to, from simple designs that are straight to the point to ones that represents your personality. They are the first thing a potential customer sees that advertises your company. These are small advertisements so make sure you spend time on creating the professional image you want your business cards to have. 





What Are the Benefits of Flyers?. 

Flyers today are still vastly popular, and you will find them pretty much everywhere from libraries, supermarkets, small shops and even your letter box. The appeal of flyers is that they are cost-effective as they are low-cost to print. They also have the added benefit of being something a customer can take home and re-read over and over. Flyers should be made to pass the customer the information they need (and what you want to put across of course) should they be interested. 
Remember to consider the design carefully, flyers should have informative but short paragraphs that explains what you do and your prices using a font that grabs their attention. If you want to keep your customer’s attention, think about the design, colour and font choice. For example, if you’re hosting a fundraiser event, you’ll normally see these with a glossy overall texture, a background picture of what’s on offer at the event and the area around it. 

What Are the Benefits of Booklets? 

Booklets are a cost-effective option for your small business because they can be easily customised to fit your budget by adapting the size, paper type, how many pages of information you have in the finish booklet. 
An eye-catching front design can grab your customer’s attention to keep reading and turning the pages. The inside can be used to showcase your company’s products or services and include a call-to-action that gets them to visit your website or make an appointment with your company. You might want to use them as branded magazines or training manuals depending on your business type and needs. 
Booklets can be placed in strategic locations e.g. your company’s reception area or in order deliveries or you can give them out at trade shows, exhibitions, or through direct mail. Alternatively, you might use them to present your company to potential investors. They are also a great way to showcase work you have already completed if you are a trade business. 
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