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The most common question we get asked is about sizes for different promotional material. Our customers want to know what size their promotional material should be when designing it themselves using software such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or Quark. 
Promotional material comes in many different forms for distinct purposes and unique audiences. For example, business cards for when you attend a network, flyers and roll-up banners for an exhibition and posters for an in-store campaign. There are so many different types of promotional material that you are sure to find one that allows you to communicate with your audience. Read on to find out the common sizes for your promotional material. 
Business cards are one of the most common promotional materials a new or old business will need to exchange contact details with customers. Business cards are commonly 85mm by 55mm with a 3mm bleed on all sides making them 91mm by 61mm. You will need to consider whether you choose landscape or portrait business cards depending on your brand and audience. For example, it may be that you choose a headshot of you for your business card as you are the brand especially the case for solopreneurs offering services. Or perhaps you have a brand motif that you want customers to notice to remember you by. 
Also, consider the written information you are adding to your business card and if it is lengthy as in a website address you may want to use landscape. Always remember to use both sides of the business card to get maximum exposure. This will add to your print cost but allows you to get a more detailed message out to your audience such as social media contact details. 
Flyers are commonly used to promote campaigns, events, special offers that run for a short or temporary period. They most commonly come in A5 size (although they can and do come in other sizes) and are 210mm by 148mm with a 3mm bleed on all sides making them 216mm by 156mm. Again, its important to decide whether they will be landscape or portrait depending on whether you want to promote your brand, the offer, you as the brand or simply a reminder of what your business offers. The size of font you use will determine whether you use landscape or portrait, for example, at an exhibition you might choose larger font to get delegates attention quickly so landscape may be suitable. Whereas, if you are giving them out at a network smaller font will be acceptable as you have time to convey the fuller message to the prospect. 
Roll-up banners are used most frequently at exhibitions or networks but are often used for filming backdrops and promotional stands such as charities use them in supermarkets for fundraising events. More often than not roll-up banners are sized 800mm by 2000mm with a bleed of 3mm around all sides making them 806mm by 2006mm. Importantly, remember that banners come in a cassette case to be rolled safely away when not used. The bottommost portion of your banner will be in the cassette case so leave a 50mm bleed at the bottom of the banner and don’t include any important text, contact details or logos. 
This is a lot of information to take in but remember we have an in-house design service and can create your design for you to take away some of the work and save your time. 
At The City Press Leeds Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to offer excellent service from the smallest up to the largest UK business or organisation. We believe that we provide amongst the best prices in the UK that offer design, print and free delivery to one UK address, coupled with a rapid turnaround - all for one price. To find out more about what we can do for you or to order your promotional material call us on 0113 278 4286 or send us an email to speak to one of our team.it. 
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