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Print marketing can come in many forms from exhibition pop-ups to postcards. At The City Press Leeds Ltd we get all kinds of requests for printed marketing material and we work with businesses of all sizes to design, print, finish and post printed media. Traditionally, people think of business cards when trying to promote their business but the advances in technology have moved the possibilities of what can be printed for the better. We often get requests from small to medium enterprises for promotional print including strut cards, table talkers, wobblers, posters and stickers which can be used in so many different ways to advertise your business. 

Showcase your brand 

Strut cards, table talkers, stickers and posters are ideal if you’re looking to display your brand since they are customisable so you can alter the size, shape and design. Stickers don’t have to be a regular shape; you can get them in any shape you can imagine such as the shape of a car for a taxi or car hire company. You can also edit the colour, design and finish of strut card, table talkers, stickers and posters which will reflect your branding and your company values. Wobblers can be used to give movement to a static image. 
Additionally, you can use the space on table talkers and posters to share your brand message to customers and a wider audience as they can be used over the long-term. Also, you can place stickers inside packages for your clients to share with their customers so if you are a company supplying items to a music shop you could include some of your stickers for them to give to customers. 

Promote your business 

If you want to gain promotion for your business you could choose from strut cards, table talkers, posters or stickers as they are all perfect for shining a spotlight. They give you a chance to tell your customers and wider audience about what you do. You could use table talkers to share a regular event such as cocktail night, but it doesn’t just have to be limited to the retail food industry. Offices and shops can use table talkers and strut cards and at key locations such as reception or tills to remind customers of products and services that you offer. You can choose the size, shape and design of posters giving you as much space as you want to draw attention to your products or services. 

Share your special offers 

If you have a special offer running you will want to tell your customers about it to gain the most exposure, sales and follow-up business. Choosing to use posters is a good strategy, but strut cards, table talkers and stickers can be affordable options that are also customisable. Stickers are great for engaging a young audience and showcasing your special offers, for example, a dog grooming company may use them to highlight a special price available for a limited time. Strut cards and table talkers give you more space than stickers to share information but for short, snappy, to-the-point information use strut cards e.g. two for one price deals or perhaps a new line in cosmetics? Table talkers are ideal for business events such as sharing a workshop that you will be running and explaining the themes that will be covered during the workshop. 
Here at The City Press Leeds Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to offer excellent service from the smallest up to the largest UK business or organisation. We believe that we provide amongst the best prices in the UK that offer design, print and free UK delivery, coupled with a rapid turnaround - all for one price. To find out more about what we can do for you call us on 0113 278 4286 or send us an email us to speak to one of our team. 
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