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Did you know that when asked for a survey 4 out of 5 business owners say professional printing 
helps them stand out? This highlights the continuing importance of print marketing for growing your 
business. Online marketing and print marketing are both parts of a strong marketing strategy. Online 
marketing does increase your presence in the digital world but by combining the two together you 
can meet your customers wherever they are. 
Print marketing is material that you can give to your customers, it’s a physical object that they can touch and see. This printed material they can keep for longer, whether it is in their office or home. 
They can take it away with them and keep it to look at later. Printed marketing shows your customers what kind of business you are through the quality and design you choose. Customers can keep the printed material and choose to buy at a later time, which may be convenient for them. 
Building trust is a necessary part of gaining new and keeping existing customers. They need to trust that when they buy from you it will give them solutions for their problems. Online marketing is easy for most sole traders to organise by themselves with the plethora of options available via websites and social media platforms. However, online marketing can appear spammy with pop-ups, click-throughs and landing pages. It isn’t necessary to stop marketing online but print marketing allows you to build the trust in your business that your brand has created online. For example, 4 out of 5 
respondents said they trust print media when making a purchase. Using print marketing you have something solid to give to customers to look at and make an informed buying decision along with what they already know about your business from your online presence. 
Research has shown that when we read from printed material, we read slower and retain more than when we see digital ads on websites. Our brain is designed in a way that when we read online via pc, laptop or mobile we tend to scan and skim for keywords relevant to the topic we are reading. 
Whereas, when we read printed material, we take the time to concentrate and read more of the text which of course impacts on our recall and comprehension. As consumers we are able to retain more information when we are given more time to read material, and we are less reluctant to turn back pages in printed material to check information when compared with digital marketing. 
Here at The City Press Leeds Ltd we pride ourselves on being able to offer excellent service from the smallest up to the largest UK business or organisation. We believe that we provide amongst the best prices in the UK that offer design, print and free UK delivery, coupled with a rapid turnaround - all for one price. To find out more about what we can do for you head to our website or call us on 0113 278 4286 to speak to one of our team. 
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