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Marathon Man

Marathon Man

Here at the City Press Leeds Ltd & elsewhere I suspect that few will be unaware that last weekend, 24th April 2016, was the Virgin Money London Marathon. I was lucky enough to have had a place to run in this, the world’s biggest fund raising marathon. The idea of the run was: 1) to see if I could still do the distance, 26.2 miles is a long way as the marathon man, 2) raise a few bob for the Aireborough Community Defibrillator the Scouts and Guides are trying to raise money for.

The blue hair of VLM 2016

The blue hair of Marathon Man, VLM 2016

I hoped to raise 40 to 50 quid towards the £1600.00 that was required for the machine on the guide hut. Sponsorship went well and donations soon started appearing in the Just Giving account. There was even an offer of large donation if I dyed my hair blue – not a problem if it gets nearer the target.

The race went swimmingly. Start was from pen 4 (not a bad place to start from) on a cold but still and sunny day, ideal for long distance running. The start line was crossed in 1 minute 22 seconds and we were off, stop/start at first, but soon the rhythm set. and the race to The Mall. Everything went well and tiredness only took affect after 21 miles(ish). The finish line was crossed in 3 hours and 52 minutes, not too shabby for 60 year old. In the end just over 1000 pounds was raised for the defibrillator, so success all round .

ol no hair

Look! No hair



All that was left was to get home to come to work at The City Press Leeds Ltd, with stiff legs of course! Get rid of the blue and yellow hair (sorted). And say a big, big THANK YOU to all those that donated, encouraged and took the mick. I might do it all over again, but I wont be bothering you for donation, well not for 10 years at least.

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