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Life after arson


Three and half years after arson attack that gutted our St Ann’s Mill headquarters we are back up running a full design, print and delivery service from May 2015.

The last 3 years have been fraught with legal challenges, disappointments and downright unfairness, along with a lot of hair pulling, tears and the occasional laugh as we struggled to get our insurance company to pay up, but you can’t keep a good firm down and victory was ours in the end.

What have we learnt from this?

First: don’t have a fire.

Second: if you do your insurance company probably won’t pay up without a fight if you are small company.

Third: there are lot of good people out there willing to go the extra mile to get you back on your feet.

Thank you to all those that helped us (I think we can exclude insurance industry here!) when days were very dark indeed.

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